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Donor insights to deepen relationships

Is your fundraising team missing opportunities to engage with your donors?

Insightful helps you know more about your donors and the topics they care about to improve philanthropic engagement.

Know More


Know More

Learn about your donors’ story and their interests.

Deepen Relationships


Deepen Relationships

Discover relevant and compelling reasons to connect.

Raise More


Raise More

Better relationships lead to greater giving.

Cornell University 

“Insightful will definitely be in my “go-to” for news rotation.”

Susan Tierney, Cornell University 

How Insightful helps your entire team

At Insightful, we know you want to advance your organization's mission and make a difference in the world. In order to do that, you need to raise more money. The problem is truly connecting with donors is hard. Reaching out time and time again becomes frustrating for you and annoying for donors. It makes you feel stuck.

We believe you can be a better fundraiser, raise more money, and do more good in the world if you truly know your donors. We understand the pressure to fundraise is higher than ever. That's why we worked with fundraisers like you to create Insightful, putting vetted information at your fingertips to help create real connections.


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