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About Insightful 

At Insightfulwe believe in the power of philanthropy. It is our mission to leverage the resources we have to help you achieve yours. Insightful was designed by fundraisers for fundraisers to provide an easy way to access vetted information to improve engagement with donors.

Insightful is powered by  NewsBank, inc. a premier information provider for public, university, and government libraries since 1972. Insightful draws from NewsBank’s 14,000 unique current and historical sources from 200 countries. Many of our sources and historical content is not available in other search engines or databases.  

All of the information you and your team need to succeed is available in one place. There is no better or easier way to stay up to date on your donors and their interests. 

What other Insightful customers are saying

Oregon State University Foundation
Your service is helping researchers spend less busy time on reactive research so they can focus on the proactive research I need.”

Mark Koenig, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President, Technology, Oregon State University Foundation


Vassar College
“One of our Gift Officers was on his way to meet with a donor. That morning his Insightful alert returned an article stating that the head of this donor's family (and founder of the company that the donor leads) had died. With this information, our Gift Officer could be supportive and share his condolences. This event alone makes our Insightful contract worthwhile!" 

Sharon Parkinson, Vassar College


Cornell University 
I was looking for information on some young entrepreneurs who raised $160M in venture funding for their startup. Other news vendors were coming up with nothing, and then I went to Insightful and found what I was looking for. Insightful will definitely be in my “go-to” for news rotation.”

Susan Tierney, Cornell University 


Columbia University 
“Insightful alerted us about an award that a key donor received. We didn't find this information in any other resource.”

Adam Bradford, Columbia University, New York, NY


Chapman University 
“We've only been using Insightful for a few weeks, and it's already identified some fantastic articles to pass on to gift officers.”

Kira Gentry, Chapman University


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
“I was able to find a valuable article about a prospect in Insightful that I hadn’t found in Google.”

Connie Ennis, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Ave Maria School of Law
“Insightful helps me fill in information gaps. I discovered information on our prospects we couldn’t find anywhere else. The information we gained through Insightful helps guide more meaningful conversations with our donors.”

Donna Anthus, Ave Maria School of Law


OSF Healthcare Foundation
“NewsBank is a “daily go-to” prospect research tool I utilize to help efficiently develop 360° donor assessments with breadth and depth. Thanks NewsBank for offering this invaluable tool!”

Kristie Weniger, OSF Healthcare Foundation, Peoria, IL


Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice
“Insightful has been beyond helpful to keep track of our organization, organizations like ours and our leadership when we are published in the news and other media sources.”

Erin Chokr, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice


Philanthropy Plus
“Insightful helped me find timely and valuable information about a donor’s role on a new Board.”

Suellen Mann, Philanthropy Plus

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