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About insightful 

For nearly 50 years, NewsBank, inc. has been the premier information provider for public libraries, colleges and universities, schools, military and government libraries, and professionals around the world. Through the years, we have continuously received requests from fundraising organizations for access to our vast collection of news and obituary content to help them learn more about their donors and prospects. We also learned that the information needs of fundraisers are different than libraries. 

And so, insightful was born. We are powered by the experience and expertise of our parent company, NewsBank, but solely dedicated to addressing the unique information needs of fundraisers.

We knew 2 things:

  1. We have a world of information about Donors and Prospects that fundraisers need to meet their giving goals
  2. We have the technical capabilities to deliver this information in one easy to use interface

What we didn’t know was how to best deliver that information in a way that would be of the most value. So, we set out to learn from the people who knew. We learned from prospect researchers, gift officers, and chief development officers how to build a user experience that allowed them to spend less time looking for information and more time using the information to engage meaningfully with donors.

The end result: insightful.

At insightful, we believe in the power of philanthropy. It is our mission to leverage the resources we have to help you achieve yours.

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